Krugozor mirrors are designed to help you drive in countries with an opposite traffic to your homeland. Our tests shown that using those mirrors you will give you an extra depth of view just like you were sitting on a passenger's seat!

Krugozor is designed to work with RHD and LHD cars. It will fit any car, van and truck which makes it truly universal. Thanks to a set of sucktion cups installation takes only few seconds and is extremely simple.

The main advantage of using those mirrors is gaining passenger's viewing angle which makes your driving experience in a thick traffic or on opposite side of the road much easier and less stressful.

It is designed not to obstruct your view and not to distract your attention.

The driver’s viewing angle while overtaking is hugely increased.

It is installed inside the car. It means that the Krugozor doesn’t get dirty.

The installation and adjustment of the device takes minimum amount of time and can be performed without any assistance and without any tools.